Woodend, Macedon & Mt Macedon Plantations Rolling Update

August 8, 2017

HVP Plantations would like to update the Macedon, Mt Macedon and Woodend communities about the continued forestry activities including timber harvesting, log haulage, planting and weed management program in the surrounding plantations. Some of the plantation areas, which were replanted following the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983, are now over 30 years old. HVP understand the plantations are valued by the local community. HVP intends to continue managing the Fingerpost and Railway areas as working plantations and as such will endeavour to replant with new pine seedlings, within twelve months of harvesting.
The outlook for the rest of 2017 is:
• A clear-fell harvesting operation will continue off Fingerpost road in Fingerpost plantation (Woodend).
• A clear-fell harvesting operation will continue off Canning Park road and along Centre road in Railway plantation (Woodend/Macedon).
• Planting of new Radiata seedlings, of approximately 50 hectares, at Railway plantation occurred in July 2017.
• Spot application (a small amount applied by hand around each seedling) of granular Herbicide is planned for mid Spring.
• This operation is used to ensure the new seedlings have reduced competition for water and nutrients. By ensuring effective weed control at planting, herbicide applications are generally limited to this one application per 30-year rotation.
• Log trucks will continue to use Fingerpost Road and Canning park road for entry and exit of the pine plantations.
• Road users will see intermittent log truck traffic on the above roads. There may also be occasional log truck traffic seen on Centre road
• Stop go people may also be used at the harvesting operation worksites on Fingerpost, Canning Park and Centre roads. These are in place for your safety and the safety of the harvesting operators.
• A drop in session is being organised for the Mt Macedon community for October to inform interested community members of the upcoming summer harvest on Mt Macedon.
• Intermittent roadside weed control (hand spraying) of Broom and Gorse may occur during the Spring and Autumn.
• Site preparation with heavy machinery will occur during next summer to prepare the ground for next year’s seedlings.
Felling and processing trees, and loading trucks are hazardous activities. Large machinery is involved and the ability of operators to hear and see beyond the immediate area of operations is often restricted.
To keep everyone safe on ground, signage is in place to highlight the specific areas of the operation in the plantation. If you see these signs DO NOT continue past the signs, you must seek an alternate route.
The harvested logs will be transported to mills in Colac, Geelong and Broadford for processing into timber products, primarily for housing. Smaller logs will also be exported through the Port of Melbourne.
Due care should be exercised around the boundaries of the plantation, at road intersections and at points of truck access from the plantation on to local roads. If you would like to communicate with the log truck drivers they will be available on UHF channel 40 on the sealed roads and as signposted within the plantation.
All of our operations are subject to fire and weather constraints and customer demand and may be altered without notice.
In an effort to help us to improve our communication of operations, HVP Plantations encourage you to contact us through our website with any feedback.
We will provide a forestry operations outlook, including harvesting and haulage for 2018, later on in the year, to keep you informed.

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