Our People

HVP employs around 100 full-time staff across its Melbourne office and district offices in Ballarat, Benalla, Churchill, Myrtleford and Shelley in Victoria, and Mt Gambier in South Australia. The company’s harvesting, haulage and silvicultural contractors directly employ another 850 people in the communities in which we operate.

Our people are a key reason for our success.

As an organisation and as individuals we hold these values central to everything we do. We do the right thing when no one is watching. Integrity is essential to everything we do; managing other peoples investments, managing the environment, managing our operations.  Our staff need to be responsible and accountable and take ownership of decisions. We need to innovate, understanding we need to do things better tomorrow than we did today.   And as a commercial business we must retain a commercial and customer focus to make every tree count whilst respecting the environment our people and stakeholders, to maintain the balance that is at the core of our mission.

The HVP  team bring a diverse range of skills and talents to our business. We employ staff with backgrounds in Accountancy Administration, Communication, Engineering, Environmental Science, Finance, Fire Management, Forecasting, Forest Science, Geographic Information Systems, Information Technology, the Law, Human Resources, Plantation Modelling, Planning and Research; all passionate about the forest industry and our role in it.

A key component of our vision, HVP continually invest in and care about our people.

The company provides on-going training and accreditation across the breadth of activities undertaken within our organisation, focusing on continuous improvement in safety, environmental and investment performance. We consciously promote from within, fostering a culture of learning, innovation and career progression. In the past five years forty three percent of positions have been filled by our staff interested in stepping up within the company. We support staff in undertaking further training at all levels of the business so they can reach their goals. Expenditure on education and training has been consistently increased since inception of HVP and more than 10% of our workforce are undertaking further study and training programs at any given time. This includes three staff completing units towards a Bachelor in Forest Science Management and an additional four staff studying at a post graduate level.


HVP employment monitoring results on June 30th for the financial year 2020/2021. Full Time Equivalent.

HVP Employees Female 36
HVP Employees Male 69
HVP Seasonal Employees (Nurseries & Fire Season) 155
Direct contractors 714

HVP community monitoring results on June 30th for the financial year 2020/2021. Number of people.

Outside groups issued with permits to use HVP land 481
Number of significant stakeholder interactions 109

Lead Team

The following executive and senior managers of our business are responsible for developing and implementing HVP’s strategic direction as well as overseeing day-to-day operations.

Stephen Ryan – Chief Executive Officer
Josie Pane – Chief Financial Officer
Rob Hescock – Chief Operating Officer
Tony O’Hara – General Manager – Forest Resources
Dean Turner – General Manager – Western
Anne Partridge - General Manager - Northern
Anne Partridge – General Manager – Northern
John Dodson, Human Resources Manager
John Dodson – Human Resources Manager
Mark Gauthier – General Manager Safety, Environment and Risk

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