Defined Forest Area

In line with our vision of to improve our business through new technology and innovation to ensure we do things better tomorrow than we did today; HVP operate a state of the art Geographic Information System (GIS) that assists with the planning, conduct and monitoring of our operations.

The GIS incorporates data from LiDAR, conventional aerial photography, Drone technology, infield GPS, flora, fauna and cultural heritage databases and baseline mapping data.

Our GIS is constantly being updated as we harvest, replant and tend our plantations.

HVP Estate & Plantation Maps (West)

View HVP Plantations whole estate map (1:3,000,000) and maps scale 1:250,000 of the plantations from Ballarat, west to the South Australian border.
Scale is correct when viewed at A4 size.

HVP Plantation Maps (north & east)

View maps scale (1:250,000) of our plantations north of Melbourne and for all of Gippsland.
Scale is correct when viewed at A4 size.

HVP Defined Area (DFA)

Defined Forest Area – an area of forest (including land and water) to which the requirements of the Australian Forestry Standard are applied and to which the forest manager can demonstrate management control, which allows them to achieve the requirements of the standard. Information current as at July 1, 2019.

Plantation 82,046
Infrastructure 8,208
Custodial 33,811
Plantation 48,665
Infrastructure 6,279
Custodial 11,302
Plantation 39,265
Infrastructure 4,530
Custodial 3,344
Total Area (HA)
Plantation 169,976
Infrastructure 19,017
Custodial 48,458

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