Environment Projects

HVP have a vision of respecting our communities and having them value us. For this to occur we need to get better at telling our story of economic growth and community support.  Our staff identify with the adage ‘We do the right thing when no-one is watching.’ This resonates with us, it is a true reflection of the role of the Australian forester.  Our staff are passionate about what we do. We love forests, we live in forests, and we depend on a healthy and sustainable environment to work, earn and live.

HVP are involved in a broad range of environmental projects in many communities. These include: the preservation and enhancement of native vegetation remnants; co-operative actions to manage weeds and pest animals such as English Broom, blackberries and pigs; strategic pine wildling removal; the re-vegetation of areas to improve the habitat for flora and fauna species such as at Mack’s Creek; the support of university student research projects; the recording, mapping and development of databases of environmental vegetation classes and rare and threatened species such as the Concave Pomaderris and the Swamp bush Pea; the development of Operating Standards for threatened species in plantation and custodial native forests such as the Burrowing Crayfish, the Koala and the Giant Earthworm; long term catchment monitoring at Croppers Creek; and the development of management plans for rare and threatened species such as the Striated Sun Moth and Spider Orchid.

HVP continually enhance our forest stewardship and environmental management systems, not only protecting the environment, but investing in the communities where our people work and live.

HVP’s own Brolga
(Grus rubicunda) Clan

Fauna Management

The Brolga is a very tall bird (1.8m) with a very wide wingspan of 1.7-2.4m & whilst not migratory tend to have distinctly different requirements when flocking (deep permanent freshwater marshes) & nesting (temporary shallow herb dominated wetlands).

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