Our Products

HVP grows trees to supply regional customers with logs for a wide range of building and paper products. We make every tree count by optimising the recovery of fibre from the whole stem of each tree we harvest.

HVP’s customers transform logs into sawn timber, plywood, medium density fibre board (MDF), cardboard, paper, posts and poles. Our major customers include AKD Softwoods, Opal Australian Paper, Alpine MDF, CHH Wood Products, D&R Henderson, and Hyne & Sons. We also supply harvesting residues to Softwood Plantation Exporters (SPE) – our joint venture export woodchip operation based in Geelong. This export woodchip market allows HVP to maintain the health of our plantations in the Western Region by providing an outlet for residues from thinning operations. HVP also markets surplus seedlings and cuttings from our nursery located at Gelliondale in our Gippsland Region.
HVP invests over $30 million each year in plantation re-establishment in Victoria, annually planting more than 9 million new pine and eucalypt trees. We are also steadily growing the size of our plantation estate through an incremental expansion program based in Gippsland. The program aims to support the Latrobe Valley timber industry by increasing the future supply of wood fibre.

Log unloading in Western Region.

HVP Plantations recognises whilst forestry is a long term business, we can do things better tomorrow than we did today. We aim to improve our business through new technology and innovation whilst providing attractive long term returns for our investors. In line with this vision, the company has a comprehensive resource information system to record and store data relating to area, growth and other attributes of the estate. A program of plantation inventory and growth modelling ensures future plantation supply is sustainable and able to meet anticipated customer demand. Our Long Term Planning includes forecasts and modelling for the next sixty years, providing confidence for our customer and investor stakeholders of the ongoing viability of their investments in the sector.

Combined with our plantation resource planning, HVP’s research and development program is delivering improved plantation growth rates and wood quality, thus lowering wood processing costs for our customers. We invest in research to better match what our customers are producing. HVP are working collaboratively with customers and other timber producers to develop an industry tool that will provide insights into the wood quality implications of management. Logs from six sites across the HVP estate were processed as part of the research project. It will seek to correlate the properties of the sawn timber with those predicted using a model linking site, climate, tree growth and quality predictions.

Processed Products

Locally processed products from HVP log production.


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