HVP Landholdings

HVP manages around 240,000 hectares of land across three land tenures; freehold, leasehold and Plantation License. We are committed to maintaining our estate for forestry and conservation. In doing so supporting our customers & service providers, the environment and the communities in which we live and work.

We make every tree count! HVP’s plantation estate annually supplies some three million tonnes of softwood (pine) and 300,000 tonnes of hardwood (eucalypt) to sawmillers, panel producers and pulp and paper mills in Australia and overseas.

The nearly 50,000 ha of native vegetation managed for conservation contains significant plant and animal species and cultural sites.


HVP landholdings monitoring results at June 30th for financial year 2016/2017. Measured in ha.

Area of pine plantation 140696
Area of eucalypt plantation 18701
Area awaiting replanting 11227
Native forest* 49999
Infrastructure/other (roads, firebreaks, depots, etc) 18922
Total Estate Area 239544
Area planted during 2016 season 7233
Area harvested 5962
Area thinned 9455
Plantation area burnt 0

HVP Regions

Estimated Area = 240,000 Ha. Plantation Area = 160,000 Ha. Predominant Species – Pinus Radiata

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