In Gippsland HVP maintains a working relationship with the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter and other shelters equipped to handle koalas. These shelters assists in compiling operating standards, training staff and facilitating animal rescue and rehabilitation. HVP has also provided financial support for shelters in times of need, especially following the Black Saturday fires of 2009.

Through its monitoring program HVP has identified suitable release sites for rehabilitated Koalas. This rehabilitation and release program is subject to permit conditions provided by the Department of Environment Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).


HVP has detailed habitat mapping, and developed that mapping into an active management plan within the range of the entire Gippsland estate. This includes more than 37,000ha of native forest managed for conservation. Koala habitat has been grouped into habitat units and then analysed on how they are linked, these are then assigned linkage priorities.

Macks Creek
Macks Creek

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