Tree Nurseries

HVP have a vision to improve our business through new technology and innovation. In line with this HVP has two tree nurseries, one based at Cowwarr in Gippsland, and the other located near Yarram in South Gippsland. These nurseries supply the planting stock for HVP’s entire plantation estate across Victoria as well as supplying other customers. These nurseries specialise in producing Radiata Pine and Shinning Gum. Radiata pine is produced from both cuttings and directly from seed (seedlings). Plants are produced in containers and also as ‘bare rooted’ plants from soil beds.

Operations in action
Pine seedlings in HVP nursery

The Gelliondale Nursery near Yarram was substantially upgraded and opened in 2009. With over $11M of new investment, the facility has increased its capacity from 4 million to 10 million plants per year. The proportion of container production compared with bare rooted stock has grown from 25% to 75%.

The new facility has substantially enhanced the working conditions on site, increased regional employment, reduced water and chemical usage, improved productivity and ensured the longevity and sustainability of the site as a plantation nursery.

Gelliondale is a unique facility, containing within the one site: seed orchards; stool plants; and a plant propagation, growing and dispatch system that is the starting point for the ongoing, sustainable cycle of growth of 160,000 ha of HVP plantation around Victoria.

During the peak season from April through to September, up to 90 casual staff are employed at Gelliondale making HVP a significant local employer for Yarram and the surrounding districts.


HVP nursery monitoring results on June 30th for the financial year 2018/2019.

Pine Seedlings produced 8443840
Pine Cuttings produced 1862080
Eucalypt Seedlings produced 689370
Total Plants produced 10995290

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