Fire Management

HVP have a vision of respecting our communities and having them value us. For this to occur we need to get better at telling our story of economic growth and community support. As a manager of more than 240,000 hectares of land across rural Victoria, the company is committed to helping manage the fire risks facing all of our communities.

Every year HVP Plantations fire crews play an important role in protecting our 160,000 ha of plantation and the 50,000 hectares of native vegetation on our estate as well as our surrounding communities.

HVP fire crews are part of the Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) being registered as CFA Forest Industry Brigades (FIB). As active members of the CFA, our fire crews are trained in wildfire control and work alongside other CFA volunteers on the fire frontline.

HVP undertakes a range of prevention measures to protect its assets from fire including a network of firebreaks and fuel reduction burning.

HVP prepare, train and work together with the community, CFA and DELWP during fire season. Most fires HVP attends start outside the plantation boundary. It makes sense for HVP to work closely with neighbouring land owners on fire breaks and fuel reduction activities around common boundaries.

Fire training for HVP staff
Fire training for HVP staff

HVP has developed fire protection guidelines for its operations which are in excess of those required under current CFA regulations. The guidelines have been developed over many years and aim to reduce the incidence and severity of fires. They include a series of stepped operational restrictions based on the Forest Fire Danger Index for any particular day at each specific plantation location.

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HVP provide on the ground and aerial support with:

Number of fires attended in 2018/2019 on HVP land 49
Number of fires attended in 2018/2019 not on HVP land 45
Total number of fires attended in 2014/2015 fire season 94
Trained fire fighters 152
Fire tankers 20
Smaller fire fighting appliances 49
Fire towers 4

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