Field studies on HVP’s properties in the Strzelecki Ranges have provided the framework for gathering scientifically credible data on Koala habitat in the region. The field studies support a comprehensive forest management plan to meet the long-term needs of Koalas in the Strzeleckis.

HVP completes an annual koala census where it manages native forest in Gippslands’ Strzelecki Ranges and adjacent areas. The census involves looking at and counting all koalas in all trees within the sample area or surveying for scats within a network of plots across the estate.


This information contributes towards a greater understanding of the South Gippsland Koala including the location of koala populations within the Strzelecki Ranges and koala densities and habitat preferences. The collected data is shared with partner members of the South Gippsland Koala Working Group.

Monitoring Results

HVP Koala monitoring results at June 30th for financial year 2017/2018. Measured in ha.

Area of preferred koala habitat on HVP land 5310
Area of less preferred koala habitat on HVP land 18737
Koala census survey 2018


HVP is practically and financially supporting essential research, in partnership with Monash and Federation Universities, into the genetic boundaries and structure of the South Gippsland Koala Population across its range.

This will enable effective long-term planning strategies to be put in place to protect this population from major threats or decline. Koala faeces or ‘scats’, used to extract DNA to deter- mine the genetic integrity, diversity and extent of the South Gippsland Koala population.

Habitat Map

July 2014



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