Infrastructure Maintenance

The development, maintenance and protection of our infrastructure assets allow HVP to undertake our operations and continue to supply our customers with the products sourced from our plantations. In line with our mission of managing the  plantation estate in a safe and sustainable way to optimise the return to our investors whilst balancing the needs of our employees, customers and local communities.

Our estate has nearly 20,000 hectares of infrastructure, mainly roads and log landing areas but also includes our depots, nurseries and offices, fire towers, quarries, fire breaks, airstrips, water tanks, bridges, fire dams and helicopter pads.

The 15,000 kilometres of private roads is our largest single infrastructure asset. Roads are constructed and maintained to minimise impact on the soil, water and sensitive sites according to industry and HVP standard. These standards have been developed by specialist roading engineer.

HVP invests more than $10 million dollars in road construction and maintenance annually. As well as paying rates HVP contributes directly to the maintenance of a large number of shire roads through co-operative arrangements with individual Shires.

HVP road crew
HVP road crew

Fire Infrastructure

Fire is a significant risk to our plantations and consequently much of our infrastructure is association with preventing and suppressing fire.

We have an annual program to maintain fire breaks, fire tracks, fire dams, water tanks and fire towers. This complements our mobile assets of tankers, slip ons, pumps and highly trained fire crews.

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