Media Release: Mystic Park trail network continues to evolve as 2022 harvest commences in March

Mystic Park (MP) trail network, which falls within Hancock Victorian Plantations (HVP) land, is currently humming with activity, with harvest planning well underway. HVP foresters, contractors, and mountain bike trail builders are preparing to harvest a section in the coming months.

“Planning for this harvest is a team effort with our community,” says Anne Partridge, Chair of Alpine Community Plantation Inc. “We are working together so timber can be safely harvested and replanted while making sure Mystic Park’s trail network stays connected and can continue to be safely accessed outside of harvest worksites”.

Harvest worksites will be established as part of the planned activities. These areas will be closed to the public for around three months after the March Labour Day long weekend, reopening after replanting in winter around the end of June.

Anne said, “Safety is our number one priority, so it is essential that all recreation users stay outside of the closed harvest worksites. We are asking all users including riders, runners and walkers to do the right thing, follow safety signs, remain outside of barriers and always follow directions of forest workers and HVP staff”.

There are many dangers in harvest worksites, including heavy machinery operations, falling trees, rolling rocks, projectile debris, and other hazards that can cause serious injury or death. The cooperation of all users to follow important safety messages during this harvest means they will keep themselves safe.

The 2022 harvest means Mystic Park continues to evolve and changes will farewell a number of well-loved trails, such as the original Mystic Downhill alignment. However, the harvest also creates opportunities and makes way for new riding experiences, including new and re-routed trails around Emily’s Spur.

“These changes and new trails are all possible thanks to the commitment of volunteers and also funds raised through shuttle vehicle entry fees,” Anne added.

“It’s important that we get this right. All new trails are coordinated through ACP’s Trails Plan and Mystic Masterplan and cross-checked through the Alpine Cycling Club and HVP Plantations,” Anne concluded.

Peter Berlowitz from Alpine Cycling Club (ACC President) agrees. “ACC is keen to ensure Mystic’s great ride experiences continue.”

All recreation users are encouraged to follow Mystic Park, Bright on Facebook and check the Trailforks app to get the latest updates on trail closures and new trails as they are developed.

For further information, please contact:

Nick Gall
Executive Officer
Alpine Community Plantations Inc.
0407 888898 or
Stacey Gardiner
External Relations and Communications Manager
HVP Plantations
0497 912 744 or

Additional information

Alpine Community Plantation Inc. (ACP) is a not-for-profit community-based organisation responsible for the recreational, educational and community use of almost 20,000 hectares of HVP Plantations estate within the Alpine Shire, Victoria. An independent board governs ACP with representation from HVP, Alpine Shire Council, Alpine Cycling Club, North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club, and the Bright & District Chamber of Commerce.

ACP has enabled the creation and management of Mystic Park, a nature-based precinct within an active commercial plantation in Bright. Through involvement of many stakeholders, its mission is to continue to improve and foster Mystic as a safe community-run recreational space with iconic trails.

ACP aims to continue to attract national, international and community events to the region, supporting local recreation and business activity in the Alpine Shire while growing awareness of forestry operations within the region.

HVP Plantations is one of Australia’s largest private timber plantation companies. HVP’s 237,000ha estate is situated across Victoria, extending from Gippsland to the border with South Australia in the west and through the north east of the state. HVP manages about 170,000 ha of pine and eucalypt plantation; and over 48,000ha of native forest solely for environmental values.

Nearly 20,000 ha of HVP’s estate is located in Alpine Shire and managed from HVP’s Myrtleford office.

HVP is certified to two forest management certification schemes: Responsible Wood which manages the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Australian Standard for Forestry; and the Forest Stewardship Council forest certification standard.

HVP employs more than 900 staff and contractors, and supplies more than three million tonnes of wood annually to manufacturing industries.

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