Safety in working forests

Our plantations are the workplace for many people.

HVP Plantations values the cooperation of our local communities and visitors to maintain a safe environment in our working forests. We recognise that many people have an affinity with our forests, enjoying walking, running and riding in the plantations. The opportunity to enjoy these recreational activities also comes with limits and responsibilities.

This includes a commitment to remain out of worksites within plantations.

No entry to worksites

Forest Operation Worksites:

Worksites are set up for operations such as harvesting trees, roadworks, planting, fertilising, controlling weeds and maintaining firebreaks.

Hazards include heavy machinery, falling trees, rolling rocks, projectile debris, and other hazards that can seriously injure or kill you.

There are no exceptions.

Worksites are closed to everyone: on foot, on a bike, on a horse or in a vehicle. Closures may be marked with signs, bunting, tape, fencing, gates or a forest worker; on roads, tracks, firebreaks or trails.

Worksites are closed no matter how familiar you are with a location. Worksites are closed on weekends, and machines may be operating on any day of the week. Worksites are closed including when you can’t see or hear machines moving or people working (you might be surprised how close they are).HVP takes safety seriously.

This is why HVP requires recreation users to undertake a visitor induction and apply for a Human Power Pass, before entering any plantations.

  • Obey all signage and the directions of forest workers.
  • Take responsibility for safety and understand that hazards are present.
  • Remain on open roads and open trails, do not cut through plantation stands, and do not build your own trails.
  • Do not enter forest operation worksites within the plantations.
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So we can all return home each day unhurt and unharmed, HVP and our forest workers thank you for your cooperation.

Forest operation worksite signs

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