School Plantations

HVP Plantations manages a number of small plantations in the north east of Victoria on behalf of some local schools in the region. These plantations were established from the 1960’s under a program instigated by the Victorian Government which provided land to be planted to Radiata pine.

The clearfall harvest of the 9 ha plantation, neighbouring HVP at Shelley in the north East of Victoria generated $210,000 for the local Tallangatta College. This has enabled the school to upgrade its computer network and undertake some school improvement projects.  After the harvest and the sale of the 37 year old timber, through existing HVP supply contracts, students from the school were involved in the replanting to Radiata of the area, as part of their year 9 science class. The school has an additional 13ha of plantation due for first thin or clearfall in the next few years.   Four other schools in the region also have plantation area where HVP has assisted with management.

An additional benefit to the of the increased engagement with the school has been, over the past three years, a number of graduating Tallangatta College students have been members of the HVP seasonal fire crew.

Operations in action


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