Striated Sun Moths are a medium-sized sun moth with whitish striations and markings on the dark brown upper sides of the forewings. Females are marked more prominently. Wingspan is about 3.9 cm in males and 4.1 cm in females. Adult moths are on the wing from late December to mid January and are most active on warm, sunny, still days. Like other species of sun moths, their diurnal habits are so strong that if passing clouds block out the sunshine they will immediately settle and not take flight again (unless disturbed) until sunlight returns. They usually fly rapidly, within a metre of the ground and keep their wings in motion continuously. When sun moths rest for short periods they often raise and lower their wings rhythmically, showing their brightly coloured hind wings. However, when resting for longer periods the hind wings are concealed by cryptically coloured forewings that harmonise perfectly with their surroundings.

Striated Sun Moths
Striated Sun Moths

There are a series of relatively continuous Striated Sun Moth management zones within the HVP Shelley plantation area. These zones include the sites where moths have been observed and adjoining roadsides where good quality moth habitat is present (and therefore have the potential to support a moth population). Combined, they cover an area of approximately 77 ha and are primarily native grass dominated roadside reserves along the Murray Valley Highway, Avondale Rd and Markers Track. These zones are currently managed by HVP as part of an annual fire break maintenance program along road reserves within or adjoining the HVP estate.

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