As part of the route selection process, field surveys and geotechnical investigations are required to further inform the overall route design and construction methodologies used for the Marinus Link interconnector. They will also help Marinus Link identify and mitigate impacts where feasible, and manage impacts that cannot be prudently avoided.

Surveys and investigations will run on an ad-hoc basis until approximately mid-2023. individual contractors have seperately applied for an operator permits for all marinus link activities and have provided further details during each stage of works

When Marinus Link staff attend HVP site their Vehicles will follow the contractor traffic management plans and in general be parked off roadsides and away from corners as far as practicable. All forestry road signage will be adhered to.

Emergency Management: Emergency management will be as per the HSSE plans developed specifically for the surveys and investigations to be carried out and can be provided.

Communication: When travelling through the plantation, UHF radios will be available as well as mobile phones. If forestry signage stipulates corresponding on a particular UHF channel, this will be adhered to as per the access agreement.

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